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Simply post your question and type of reading or send me a message and I will read on a first come, first serve basis.Your journey begins!.

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Psychic Rune Readings. are are symbols inscribed on plastic, paper, wood, rock and any other material.Using a method of your choice specified on the intro choose two runes and place them side-by-side.Life force is the motor of any magick, or magickal work at a distance.It can also mean being around family and friends if that can make things more peaceful.

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, you must concentrate hard on a specific question that relates to your love life.

The runic alphabet is an old Germanic literary language, which were used in all of Northern Europe.

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YES or NO Tarot, just think about a question answerable by YES or NO and choose one TAROT card.

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Before you begin casting there are a few things that you may want to do to get yourself in the correct frame of mind.Like the One Card oracle, the Rune Oracle can also be used as a daily meditation.

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The Runes Oracle is a simple but powerful oracle drawn from Norse wisdom of old.Each reading consists of a reading taken from one rune stone that has been cast.

A time to awake and to be conscious and aware of what is going on and what has happened.

Simple Angel Card Reading We hope you will enjoy your free one card angel card reading.Rune stones are used as tools of divination - a way to predict ones future.Using 88 cards blended together from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Card Deck and the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card Deck, your angels and spirit guides have provided a one card answer to your question.

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Basically, Rune Divination is the art of using Runes in order to be able to tell what the possibilities were when a question was posed.

Runes are a method of divination similar to the Tarot or the I Ching.This Tarot card spread will help you make the right decisions so that you can get the outcome you desire.Yes Reversed cards are cards that appear in the spread upside down and have a different meaning than those that appear upright.

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Ice Runes Ice Runes are most commonly used for questions about struggle, conflict, and achievement.Should this not be the case, you will at the very least have helped to establish a.

A real and true angel reading will connect you with the angels.The celtic cross is probably one of the oldest and most widely used tarot spreads to this day.

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YES or NO TAROT can help you in making an important decision.I want to offer readings for you all here on the sub, either one Rune or three Runes (past, present, future or overview, challenge, action).Though It is the rune of leading by example and of actions that speak louder than words.Tarot is an ancient divination that began in 14th century Europe.

Free rune readings, using the first and most advanced engine on the web, evolving since 1993.I feel like you undervalued manaflow band, absolute focus, gathering storm.With the emergence of Christianity, Runes came to be seen as a pagan, evil practice.

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