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Would you advise against "hanging weights" from the penis

How do you feel about hanging-weights-from-penis in order to make it longer.


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The object itself can provide the weight, or the object can be suspended from the restoration.It is possible to maintain a stretch through hanging weights for a pre-determined amount of time.

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Male enhancement has many different techniques from pills to exercises to penis weight hanging.

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I will increase the weight with 1kg (2.2 lbs) when I feel ready (every 2-3 weeks). Also.

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It is a resistive physical stimulation that enhances hyperplasia of the smooth muscle tissue of the penis.The Zen Hanger Deluxe Beginner Weight Hanging System with noose hanger and silicone sleeves is a great starter and all around system.

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I know that this is a dangerous path to take, since the heavier you hang, the greater the risk that you will get hurt, but its the only way for me.


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Hanging weight penis enlargement exercises have been practiced for hundreds of years by Indian cultures, like the Sadhus in India, the Mursi in Africa or the former Samurai in Japan and many more primitive tribes in order to increase penis size, length and girth.Pumps, cylinders, pumping seals, ball stretching devices and other nifty stuff.The max stretch I found was to have my butt over the edge of the chair with the weight hanging straight down, penis between my balls, and between my cheeks.

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Based on the ancient, proven art of hanging weights from the penis.

Light penis weights for all-day use By wearing a light weight attached to your penis for many hours a day, some people claim you can make real gains.

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I mean, how else is the penis going to be able to support the weight, unless it snaps ofc (ouch).Did you know that hanging device methods can decrease blood circulation causing necrosis of the tissues.Hanging weights on the penis is probably the oldest method of penis enhancement in history.Right now I am hanging at 11kg (25 lbs) for 20 min every day.In regard to the idea of hanging something from the penis, this is the essential problem with this strategy of penis elongation: How do you attach the hanging weight to the penis in order to stretch it.Let me ask you a question: Have you ever used penis hanging weights in your life.

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